NIKON LS-20E work with Windows XP (32bit)

Nikon Control 2.2

NIKON original driver JW16 work with Windows XP.
Without OS confirm.

Scanning positive film. 

                             A scanned film.

SCSI interface.

Drivers as follow:
(Disc 1, Disc 2)
Adaptec:EZ-SCSI (Ver3.0) (FDD)
Adobe Photo shop 11
That's all.

Work with Windows XP

Without OS confirmation complete working.

This is the Third time success for interface with NIKON LS-20E.

1st: CBSC-2~MOF-S230~LS-20E (Confirm with Windows XP)
       CBSC-2 for xp
             MOF-R230(UN) 4.03(2), MO 100.exe  Both for XP.
              JW16 Disc1, Disc2

MO Driver must be IO-DATA.
When MO driver change to Fujitsu or Microsoft.
Then you lost interface to LS-20E.
This is a problem by Windows XP.

2nd: CBSC-2~LS-20E (Confirm with Windows 7)
    CBSC-2 for XP
        VueScan x32
It need a SCSI half of 50pin joint centro conector.
                                 Thank You for watching.

                             Interface had broken.
                           I try to another way.

Buffulo IFC-USLP(PCI-E)~LS-20E (Without Windows XP confirmation)

            Drivers As follow: PCI-driver for IFC-USLP (for Windows 95)
                                           EZ-SCSI(adaptec ver3.0)
                                           ASPI32.EXE( adaptec Ver 4.6)
                                          NIKON control2.2 (JW16 Disc 1, Disc 2)
              This time as same as before make up interface.
              I thought will broken interface while Windous XP(32bit) Update.
              So  I close to conect internet.

                                    When it broken interface I will have report.

                                                  Thank You.

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